provides quantitative tools to facilitate research and anaylisis of a wide variety of exchange trade funds (ETFs), stocks, and mutual funds. Custom build your own sector rotation, asset allocation, rebalanced portfolios, and risk on risk off strategies using our backtesting tool or use our pre-built strategies as templates for your own ideas.

Combine Portfolio Tool

The Combine Portfolios Tool is provided to allow users a way to easily and quickly see how multiple strategy portfolios performed together. For example you may develop an asset allocation, moving average, and rotational strategy that you think compliment each other well, with the Combine Portfolios Tool you can upload the daily equity export for each strategy and select different weightings for each upload to view the combined performance and make real assessments as to how well each portfolio complimented the others.

Portfolio Moving Average Tool

The Portfolio Tools are tools that allow users to upload backtests from any of other other tools and create a strategy of strategies. The Portfolio Moving Average tool allows users to upload a 'stock' and a 'cash' portfolio, when the 'stock' portfolio's equity curve is below the defined moving average, the 'cash' portfolio is invested in instead of the 'stock' portfolio.

Portfolio Rotation Tool

The Portfolio Tools are tools that allow users to upload backtests from any of other other tools and create a strategy of strategies. The Portfolio Rotation and Adaptive Asset Allocation Tool allows users to upload up to 10 strategies equity curves from other apps and rotate or apply adaptive asset allocation to these strategies, so you can determine when and how much each strategy gets invested in. The settings on this tool are the same as our Advanced Rotation Tool. is not, nor is anyone associated with a registered investment adviser and cannot and does not provide professional investment advice. is a set of tools provided to run hypothetical backtests on user defined portfolios. By using our website you agree to our Privacy Policy ( and Terms and Conditions ( Please keep in mind we cannot pro-rate or refund orders once placed.
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